August 25, 2015 | By Clear Team

Ad Blockers Give You Back Content You Didn’t Know You’re Missing


Shocking Stat of the Day: You see 1,707 display ads per month. If you’re 25-34 years old, that number climbs to 2,094. We’re willing to bet you can’t remember a single ad you saw, or even clicked one (on purpose anyway). It’s time to say no to ads, and that’s where adblockers like Clear can help. Browse with Clear and improve your quality of life by 29%!

How’s that possible? Well it’s quite simple. Clear’s technology hides ads and gives you more content. Instead of skipping over the visual noise, you can eliminate it all together.

Everyday Offenders Really “Ad” Up

At first, 29% may not seem all that life-changing. As you adjust to the serene ad-free world, you’ll realize you can never go back. Your brain works less and you see more. Let’s illustrate the difference for you with some of the worst offenders out there.

UpRoxx, a popular web culture site, had a whopping 57.9% of its webpage occupied by ads. That’s over half of the page! How does anyone even read anything on this site?

The Onion, a news satire site, hides 38.4% of laughs. Clear will show you all those snarky headlines and ridiculous stories!

The New York Times and Business Insider, popular news sites, clocked in at 23.4% ads and 24.1% ads respectively. Maybe it’s time to go back to print newspaper … or just use Clear?

Here are a few other sites we look at regularly and much space ads are occupying.

Popular Websites % of Ad Real Estate
The Onion
BuzzFeed (article)
Business Insider
New York Times
Entertainment Weekly

Fast. Calmer. Clear.

Thanks to the miracle of technology, we don’t have to miss anything anymore. Every pixel reclaimed in the name of valuable content is just that—priceless. It may be subtle changes at first, but you’ll probably notice a Clear difference within a week. 29% improvement in quality of life translates could translate into anything you want, not just more content. How are you going to spend your regained time and effort? It could be more time to read a book, watch that show you’ve been meaning to, or just catch up on some Zs. It all sounds pretty good to us.