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AdShield Extension utilizes powerful ad-blocking technology to stop popups before they load

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AdShield Browser Extension is compatible with Windows and Mac

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Web Pages Load Faster

AdShield blocks ads from loading on all sites you visit. Watch YouTube videos without waiting for ads to load.

No Setup and Maintenance

Upgrade your Browser browser with just a few clicks. AdShield installs in a few seconds.

Speeds Up PC Performance

AdShield saves battery life and CPU power by preventing intensive ads from showing up.

AdShield Browser AdBlocker

AdShield has a simple goal: to provide a better online experience. Our product, AdShield, is equipped with powerful ad block technology that minimizes distractions from annoying ads. AdShield is a simple Browser Browser add-on. With just a few simple clicks and you can start browsing the Web Ad Free. No messy installations instructions.

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