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AdShield minimizes unwanted ads, pop-ups, auto-play ads & more from your web browser.

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AdShield provides ad blocking features and will redirect your searches to Yahoo.

The Freedom to Browse the Web Your Way

Lightning-Fast Load Times

AdShield blocks ads & videos from loading on your Web page, so you don’t waste time waiting for them to load.

Zero Setup or Maintenance

It couldn’t be easier to use AdShield to block ads. Its seamless integration means no setup or maintenance is required.

Improved PC Efficiency

AdShield saves battery life & reduces energy use by stopping ads from loading and using precious resources.

AdShield: A Lightweight Ad Blocker

Fully-Integrated Ad Blocker

Don’t worry about changing settings or configuring lists. AdShield’s ad blocker is a built-in browser function, always working for you.

Consistent & Constant Updates

AdShield’s list of blocked domains updates daily so you can be confident that you’re getting the best & latest ad block protection.

Trusted & Tested Technology

Based on the Chromium browser, AdShield uses stable, proven technology improved with ad block features.

AdShield's Unique Mission

AdShield has a simple goal: to provide a better online experience. Our product, AdShield, is equipped with powerful ad block technology that minimizes distractions from annoying ads and improves your PCs functionality.

You’ll notice that our search result pages include keyword ads, the least invasive ad type, listed alongside your search results. Since we’re just getting started, AdShield’s ad revenue supports our efforts to make AdShield the best (and maybe one day, ad-free) browser.

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